Notes to Self

Physical Benefits of Meditation: Research

The practice of meditation is more than 3,000 years old and, incredibly, it’s only in recent years that we’re understanding the full power of this ancient exercise. Traditionally, meditation has been associated with certain eastern-world religions and spiritual customs. It…

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What Does Meditation Do to the Brain? 

Traditionally associated with Eastern ritual, religions and traditions, meditation and mindfulness practices are becoming more common and accessible in the West. Thanks to supportive research, meditative techniques have moved into popular habit among many Americans. You may wonder, however, what…

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How to detox your mind from negativity?

How do I release stress and tension from my mind body and spirit? How do I detox and cleanse the mind and body from negativity?

These are some of the commons questions I have received from questions from my 10…

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Are Chakras Real or Conceptual?

Is there any scientific proof for the Chakras?  Are Chakras real of conceptual?  Chakras are not recognized by science.  However, the idea of the chakras serves as a framework from which we can describe the mind/body connection.  Chakras literally means…

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Healing Frequencies List

Can frequencies heal? 

In my view, there are two ways to approach, or interpret, the term "sound healing”.  In a broad sense “healing” might refer to any therapy that can help one to feel whole and complete again.  When one…

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Three ways sound and music can help you sleep

Sound Therapy was one of the first things that helped me find a place of peace, in a time of deep anxiety. When I listened to these healing sounds my mind became quiet, negative thoughts lessened, my breathing became…

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Candida Die off Symptoms

Candida Die off That's the non-technical term for the Herxheimer reaction.  When the bad bacteria and fungi "die off" in the system, there is a flushing of dead yeast cells into the system. As the body tries to get rid…

Every thing comes, and goes

Everything that comes also goes. 

Thoughts come and go. 

Possessions come and go. 

Desires come and go. 

Even personality goes thru changes, and yet there is a part of you that has never changed. There is the unchanging part of…

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Forgive Yourself, Accept Yourself

Forgive yourself for the big things... but also the little things...

Don't beat yourself up for things you can't control... or even things that you could have. What's done is done and you gotta let it go..  people beat themselves…

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Are you giving away your power?

What external things are you giving your power (over your own nervous system) to? What are you giving your power away to? 

Ultimately, most mental stress is caused by giving power to something outside of you (that is not you...)…

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The Methylation Connection

I had never heard of methylation (or at least I didn't pay much attention) until last summer.  It seems I have found a key piece in the puzzle..of my experience, and hopefully something helpful to share with you too..


Cut the Bullshit

When shit gets real (or hits the fan), we cut the bullshit.

When the bullshit is cut, you can say what you mean.

When you say what you really mean, you can come to an authentic understanding. A heart to…

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What if God was One of Us?

"What if God was one of us?... just a stranger on the bus trying to make his way home" -Joan Osborne

What is the word "God" anyway?  G-d first and foremost, is a word that seems to have been…

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The ONE who looks

Meditation is one way of cultivating our sometimes forgotten ability as humans to look inwards to remember who we really are.  

The irony of looking outside of yourself for pleasure, satisfaction. etc.. is that the one who looks is what…

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Make Feeling Good the Goal

1. You may have things in your life that you want to change, or see happen.. however, instead of becoming stressed about these things make feeling good (internally/mentally) the goal... for now.  

2. It's always now. 

Examine your thoughts in…

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Random thoughts on religion and spirituality

There is no such thing as spirituality, mysticism or religion... there is only reality or un-reality, clarity or confusion... understanding or misunderstanding.  While we sometimes employ these words to describe what is unseen and not readily perceived, the fact that…

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The Teachings are not the Energy

The ENERGY is how it's working...  

...SCIENCE attempts to explain how it works. 

...and the TEACHINGS are how to work it!! 

I don't see the "energy" as a philosophy or a dogma or religion. Rather, I see it as both…

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Awakening the Subconscious

So how does a person open the subconscious? Does this require some deep study, or esoteric ritual? 

I don't think so. In fact, it's something we do every night. 

My working theory is that opening the subconscious is something we…

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Energy Healing For Mental Health

This guest post is by therapist and energy medicine practitioner, Diane Chrestman. Diane and I met a little over a year ago, and I have enjoyed sharing sound therapy with a group class that Diane leads for her patients. If…