Heal Through The Power of Sound & Frequency

Course Outline


Rhythms of Life 

Did you know that sound waves and brainwaves are both measured in hertz? In this session we will explore frequency and rhythm. We learn what frequency is and how it relates to our bodies and nature. We will also learn how frequency is measured and how it can be applicable to meditation and using sound as therapy.


Rhythms of Life, Part Two 

In this session, we are going to take a further look into cycles of nature and how these may also relate to the cycles of the body. We will learn how becoming more conscious of the cycles within the body and in nature can assist in the process of relaxation, releasing stress and maintaining harmony.


Returning to Simplicity 

In this session we will look more closely at the cycles of our brainwaves and learn how brainwaves of various frequencies also relate to different states of consciousness. We will also explore how the random and repetitive nature of sound therapy may activate our right brain for states of deep relaxation, creativity and insight.


Methods of Entrainment 

In this session we will learn about brainwave entrainment, and the various types of sonic entrainment that are commonly used to shift states of consciousness. The brain, the heart and the breath are all connected. These tools of entrainment can help to relax our entire body and create a new level of harmony. Building on what we learned about cycles in the previous lessons we will learn how listening to sonic entrainment can help to encourage more relaxed states of consciousness.


Internal Vibrations - Toning and Chanting 

In this session we will learn methods and practices of creating and altering internal vibrations using the sounds of our own voice. In the previous lesson we learned how sound therapy can use outer vibrations to entrain, or synchronize the brainwaves for states of deeper relaxation. Today we will look further into how we can use our own internal vibrations, to affect the mind and body.


The Pineal Gland and Sound 

This lesson explores the role of the pineal gland for sleep, altered states of consciousness, and how sounds may affect this process. We will explore how sound may affect melatonin production and other mood calming neurotransmitters as well as supplements that can support this process.


Releasing Deep Stresses 

In this session we will learn how conscious and unconscious mental patterns can also be stored in the body and how these can manifest in the form of stress or tension. Using sound consciously also seems to be able to vibrate these energies loose, resulting in a release of tension. The lesson will also cover a method for releasing stress while listening to sound therapy.


The Chakras and Sound 

In previous lessons we learned about sound as it relates to our physiology, and as tool for accessing deeper layers of our consciousness. In this session we will learn more about using vibrational awareness to access optimal states in the present moment. We will learn about the superhighway of life force energy running through the body known as Chakras and how we can become more conscious of this ongoing energetic conversation between the body and mind.


Sacred Sounds 

In this session we will look at sacred sounds from around the globe, as well modern scientific study and uses of frequency and sound. Since the beginning of time we have used sound as a sacred and scientific tool for working with our emotions, a tool for finding states of relaxation, and as an offering of gratitude. We will also look at some key figures in the world of sound from ancient forefathers to recent pioneers.