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How to get into Theta State 


How to get into Theta State?

Sound therapy offers one possible solution for changing brainwave states.  Sound therapy uses repetitive oscillations, or rhythms to entrain (synchronize) brainwaves into the desired state.  Instruments such as Himalayan (Tibetan) singing bowls, and Crystal singing bowls produce these oscillations naturally. The theory is that over time our brainwaves, entrain or synchronize with the sound waves. This occurs via sympathetic entrainment. The human mind also have a natural…

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Healing Frequencies List 

Can frequencies heal? 

In my view, there are two ways to approach, or interpret, the term "sound healing”.  In a broad sense “healing” might refer to any therapy that can help one to feel whole and complete again.  When one is stressed the mind and body can feel fractured.  Sounds and frequencies can be a great help in returning to a state of relaxation and wholeness.

In a more specific sense, the word “healing” might refer something that is curative, for a very specific ailment. 

I like to consider sound…

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