Tibetan Bowl Study Studies of Tibetan Singing Bowls therapies and possible mechanisms of action. 66.5 KB
Gut Bacteria and Neurotransmitters Studies and articles exploring the gut/brain connection. 186 KB
Vitamins and Minerals for optimal mental performance. Vitamins and Minerals for optimal mental performance. 48.3 KB
Antifungals A partial list of anti-fungal agents 29.3 KB
Sound Therapy Workshop Handout The basics of sound therapy, brainwave entrainment and relaxation. 203 KB
Meditation Ideas ideas for meditation practice. 36.7 KB
Choose Love, not fear Diagram of ego. Perceiving love outside vs. inside. 358 KB
Harmonic Number Chart a chart of pythagorean frequencies. 246 KB
Neurotransmitters The 5 basic neurotransmitters. Their names and what they do, and how they make us feel. 230 KB
Herbs Herbs for relaxation 38.6 KB
Balance Overview of practices that lead to balance. 14.6 KB
Bio and Workshop Info. Bio and Workshop info. 61.3 KB
Insight Timer Course - Links and Resources Links and resources pertaining to various questions from the Insight Timer Frequency and Sound Course. 46.9 KB