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Two "modes" of the Mind 

When I say “silence” or “stillness” I am essentially talking about the same thing — which is the “quieting” of the ruminating mind. In other words the cessation of the “ruminative” thoughts. This mode of thought is useful at times, but it can also become an unconscious habit. The platform for this manner of thought is the “awareness” or “stillness” that is always there. So, as an analogy we could think of the mind as having two “modes” of thought.

  • The “ruminative” mind — (takes energy) - calculating…
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Sacral Chakra Meditation (Releasing control, Finding Clarity) 

Note to Self: 

I will now speak (Write) from a perspective, that perspective intended to water the seed of a knowing that is ancient within you, and also familiar. There is nothing special you need to do. Simply listen and be. Release the judging consciousness, just for now. 

We think of the Solar Plexus, the seat of will, we might also think of attachment and expectation … hope.. what are these? 

these are in the imagined future, and in engaging the mind in this way, one missing the present moment. For…

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How to get into Theta State 


How to get into Theta State?

Sound therapy offers one possible solution for changing brainwave states.  Sound therapy uses repetitive oscillations, or rhythms to entrain (synchronize) brainwaves into the desired state.  Instruments such as Himalayan (Tibetan) singing bowls, and Crystal singing bowls produce these oscillations naturally. The theory is that over time our brainwaves, entrain or synchronize with the sound waves. This occurs via sympathetic entrainment. The human mind also have a natural…

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Awakening from Delusions 

Note to Self: Your greatest liability is the belief that you know the truth. Question your perceptions.

To believe without understanding is self deception. 
To understand without belief is clarity (and freedom). 

The mind naturally tends to fill in the cracks of things you don't know.  Whether it's in personal relationships, spiritual beliefs or a view of world affairs. Using past patterns and observations it's easy fill in these cracks to give a sense of confidence.*  Sometimes you may be right…

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