Breath into Being album

This new album offering is based on many of the "live" online meditations that I offered in 2021 on the Insight Timer meditation app and Youtube. 

The intention of the album is combine a cross section of musical art and meditative practice. Music and Sound, have a direct impact on our nervous system and can also be great teachers to bring us back home to a calm and centered place in the nervous system. 

The rhythmic based tracks, can also be used as breath practices. For example, the listener, could inhale for a count of 4 and exhale for a count of 6. This type of practice can help begin to move our nervous system to a place of relaxation and calm. By slowing the breaths per minute, and extending the exhale the practitioner is also sending a signal to the nervous system to begin to relax and release. This is how I begin online (and live) meditation sessions and the music, gradually leads into less rhythmic meditative spaces with the singing bowls, flutes and chanting. 

Of course you can also simply enjoy the sounds! 

Instruments on the album include Guitars, Charango, Native American and Bamboo Flutes, as well as Crystal and Himalayan Singing Bowls. Jeannine Scarpino is the guest vocalist on the opening track (a yoga teacher), who I was grateful to have met after a chance meeting and opportunity to accompany her yoga class. (She is also accompanying vocalist on track 6.)


1. Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu  (VOCALS) 

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu roughly translates to "May all beings be happy and free". When we free others we free ourselves. Freedom, in our our consciousness is essential to allowing our nervous system to be free as well. The repetitive mantra invites focus on the words and melody as we begin to prepare for relaxation and release. 

2. Breath into Being (MOSTLY INSTRUMENTAL/No words) 

All of the tracks with any percussion on this album were created as part of live "sound meditation sessions" that I offered on the Insight Timer app in 2021. Each session began with a rhythmic track in which we counted the breath. Beginning with 4 counts on the inhale and 6 on the exhale. As the practice progresses each person can adjust their breath cont accordingly. Extending the exhale slows the number of breaths. This longer exhale also sends a signal to the nervous system that it is time to relax. This can set the stage for deeper meditation, and into a "being" state of consciousness. 

"Breath into Being" the song was one of these first "breath accompaniments". Breath along as the music guides towards meditation. 

3. Om Mani Padme Hum  (VOCALS - later in track) 

This version of "Om Mani Padme Hum" is based on a drone, and gradually progresses into the chant. 

According to the Dalai Lama, Om Mani Padme Hum has the power to: “transform your impure body, speech and mind into the pure body, speech and mind of a Buddha.” (from Yogapedia) 

I like to interpret this as similar to Yeshua's teaching "The Kingdom of Heaven is within", and that within the lotus of our inner being resides the jewel of stillness and self-understanding. The lotus arises from the sometimes muddy objects within consciousness of suffering, stress, or inaccurate self-definition.

This track is also for use as a "breath accompaniment" or guide. 

4. Alone in Me, Together in Me (INSTRUMENTAL) 

We are sovereign within. Each perception an interpretation. Always together and always alone. 

5. A Gentle Insight (INSTRUMENTAL) 

We can choose to learn by suffering, or insight. Even insights can be jarring when a deeper lesson is realized. Choosing love, and compassion help us navigate our path of understanding and self-knowledge with grace. 

6. Dilo sin Palabras (translation: Say it without words) — (MOSTLY INSTRUMENTAL/No words) 

"Actions speak louder than words". Words may be nice at times, but in the end we remember actions of respect, kindness and integrity. Words without seeing the truth of them reflected in action, are ultimately meaningless and empty. This track is also for use as a "breath accompaniment" or guide.  

7. Grounding in Intention (INSTRUMENTAL) 

Outcomes do not always meet expectations. While we are unable to direct circumstances, it is possible to take actions from a place of intention, and care to see that our actions are coming from that sense of intention and purpose. 

8. Om Shanti (Releasing) — (VOCALS - later in track) 

Shanti means peace. This track represents a journey of release as it builds into a chant. Also based on a drone the piece expresses some dissonance and harmony as the process of "release" is explored. This track is also for use as a "breath accompaniment" or guide. 

9. Choose Love in each moment (INSTRUMENTAL) 

Choose Love in each moment was one of the rosetta stones in my own journey. I was reminded to choose love, and not fear. I was reminded that in each moment I could choose. By exercising this power of choice, I could choose love (relaxation) instead of fear (stress, anxiety etc). By keeping this in mind I also realized NOW was the only place I could exercise this power of choice. if I allowed my mind to drift into the imagination of future, or past my nervous system inevitably following along, and triggered stress responses. However by allowing my mind to rest in the now, I was choosing love and releasing stress. 

10. I Am: Letting Go (VOCALS) 

I realized what I was searching for was not about becoming something I was not, but letting go of the things that were not me.  

I am not my name.  

I am not my job.  

I am not the type of car I drive.  

I am not where I live.  

I am not what my partner thinks of me.  

I am not what my family thinks of me.  

I am not what my friends think of me.  

I am not my opinion of me.  

I am not my race, or religion  

I am not my fears.  

I am not my nationality.  

I am not the amount of money I have.  

I am not the size of clothes that I wear.  

I am not the defined by the things I own.  

I am not my future.  

I am not the vacation I took last year.  

I am not all of the great things I've done.  

I am not the the things that I am not proud of.  

I am not my past.  

I am not my emotions.  

I am not my gender.  

I am not my sexuality  

I am not my body.  

I am not a political party, or issue.  

I am not my desires.  

I am not my circumstances.  

I am not my thoughts.  

I am not my thoughts.  

I am not my thoughts.  

I simply AM.  

I AM.  

Sat. Chit. Ananda.  

Truth. Consciousness. Bliss. 

11. Singing Bowl Improv (INSTRUMENTAL) 

A relaxing set of singing bowls, this singing bowl improv functions as a sort of sonic savasana at the end of the set.


The full release of the album will be on February 11, 2022, and can be streamed from Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon and of course here on

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