Return to the Garden (The "core" wound)

We are stardust  
Billion year old carbon  
We are golden  
Caught in the devil's bargain  
And we've got to get ourselves  
back to the Garden 

-Joni Mitchell


The story of the garden of Eden is an "origin" story. My view…

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Breath into Being album

This new album offering is based on many of the "live" online meditations that I offered in 2021 on the Insight Timer meditation app and Youtube. 

The intention of the album is combine a cross section of musical art and…

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Two "modes" of the Mind

When I say “silence” or “stillness” I am essentially talking about the same thing — which is the “quieting” of the ruminating mind. In other words the cessation of the “ruminative” thoughts. This mode of thought is useful at times…

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How to get into Theta State


How to get into Theta State?

Sound therapy offers one possible solution for changing brainwave states.  Sound therapy uses repetitive oscillations, or rhythms to entrain (synchronize) brainwaves into the desired state.  Instruments such as Himalayan (Tibetan) singing bowls, and Crystal…

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Are Chakras Real or Conceptual?

Is there any scientific proof for the Chakras?  Are Chakras real of conceptual?  Chakras are not recognized by science.  However, the idea of the chakras serves as a framework from which we can describe the mind/body connection.  Chakras literally means…

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Healing Frequencies List

Can frequencies heal? 

In my view, there are two ways to approach, or interpret, the term "sound healing”.  In a broad sense “healing” might refer to any therapy that can help one to feel whole and complete again.  When one…

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Every thing comes, and goes

Everything that comes also goes. 

Thoughts come and go. 

Possessions come and go. 

Desires come and go. 

Even personality goes thru changes, and yet there is a part of you that has never changed. There is the unchanging part of…

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Forgive Yourself, Accept Yourself

Forgive yourself for the big things... but also the little things...

Don't beat yourself up for things you can't control... or even things that you could have. What's done is done and you gotta let it go..  people beat themselves…

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Are you giving away your power?

What external things are you giving your power (over your own nervous system) to? What are you giving your power away to? 

Ultimately, most mental stress is caused by giving power to something outside of you (that is not you...)…

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The Methylation Connection

I had never heard of methylation (or at least I didn't pay much attention) until last summer.  It seems I have found a key piece in the puzzle..of my experience, and hopefully something helpful to share with you too..

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