Sacral Chakra Meditation (Releasing control, Finding Clarity)

Note to Self: 

I will now speak (Write) from a perspective, that perspective intended to water the seed of a knowing that is ancient within you, and also familiar. There is nothing special you need to do. Simply listen and be. Release the judging consciousness, just for now. 

We think of the Solar Plexus, the seat of will, we might also think of attachment and expectation … hope.. what are these? 

these are in the imagined future, and in engaging the mind in this way, one missing the present moment. For what? for an imagined enhanced version of now…. have you ever experienced an enhanced version of now? there was now with different circumstances, but the fundamental quality of the now itself has never changed. 

Please take a second to notice this. 

When we do this future faking with attachment or expectation, we substitute the present self, for an imagined accomplished and better self. Subconsciously, this is saying the present self is inadequate to have our needs met. 

Now is that which is always here, there is no seeking or striving to get here. Here is always here, and Now is always Now. Now is always here and, when I am here it is also always now. There is nothing to be done about it. Simply drop the idea that something else needs to be achieved or occur to make this moment more complete… 

and what happens? (the nervous system releases and relaxes) we live and let live and start to just chill and vibe. 

Chill and vibe. Feels good right? 

Allow life to be empty and without assigned meaning, and the irony is that it then becomes full. 

Allow yourself to give up Hoping and the irony is that life then becomes filled with hope, Here and Now. 

Does this mean take no action?… No.. do or don’t do. Create with out expectations. 

Remember, there are no mental doings that will lead you back to non-doing. 

non-doing with the mind is pure awareness. 

We have been socialized that non doing in life is laziness, poor character. 

and yet..What the seeker is seeking is non doing with the mind. 

non-doing with the mind is pure awareness. 

want nothing, have everything 

expect nothing, have everything 

Let go of seeking for an enlightenment and you will find it. Let go of grasping for oneness and you will obtain it.. it is here and now, it is right here with us, when we drop the concepts of the mind. 

leave consuming one moment after the next in order a goal…. just leave it..look around now and see it was nothing. 

Enjoy the process of life, and  release the goal. 

Meditation moves us in the right direction, but it still up to the meditator to drop it, and let it go. The practice points towards the non-doing stillness. 

the so called future and the past are not real or ever 100% accurate. Fundamentally, the future and past are imaginings, and many times delusions. Realize that the future and past are creations arising within the mind within the present moment. 

It is never not now. the minds resistance is persistent but futile. 

this created self concept resists to exist. and its this resistance that has become subconscious. 

The minds stories, beliefs and history exist, in order to support the self created identity… they r are futile and powerless against the now. 

It is never not now. It can never be any other time than now. 

There is no self in the now. Check and see. 

This mind created self seeks existence through these imaginings and stories. This is the authoring of confusion. This is why the mind created self fears the now. There are no thoughts there, no fuel, supply or counterpoint for the mind’s existence. 

This internal silence offer peace, but also destruction. ..but only destruction of what was not real. Allow the energy of this illusion to leave. This too will pass. Once the illusion has died you will find that you can fully Live. 

Zooming out on the earth in time and space, we see a ball of life. A sea of Life arising, returning, waves of life, arising returning. arising returning to the earth. Your are that life, becoming conscious… you are the earth, the universe, becoming conscious not as a separate “me” with a name and goals and maybe that even seeks enlightenment… but as life itself,  you as life itself are a wave in this ocean of life. Honor Life, Support Life, respect life, you are life. 

Is there enlightenment? or awakening? The question and the words themselves are paradox. 

There is only enlightenment from the “me” not for the me. 

There is only awakening from the “me” not for the me. 

There is no “me”. 

The illusion was the “me”, that was imagined. The “me” relating to this or that, or this person or that person. this relationship or that relationship.. 

Those are all stories of the self-created identity… which arises in the now as the memory of a history, and timeline… this forms a memory which is not raw, but filled with meaning and possible misperceptions. 

all of these memory, history and stories serve the purpose for that SENSE of identity to exist, which it can’t… because it doesn’t… Just drop it. 

You are that raw and pure awareness 

Awareness looks and there is seeing. 

Look around now. Look around the room, or wherever you are 

No seer simply seeing 

No hearer simply hearing. 

No perceiver, simply perceiving 

Drop the perceiver, just perceive 

Try it… look around… just perceive. 

Meditation occurs when the meditator is dropped. 

Are you starting to see that this sense of a self is like an optical illusion of the mind. 

Language is part of the trap. It was created to describe and label, which is to separate...and this inherently also creates a separator and controller, which is perceived as an imagined you. 

Language is an inherently flawed medium for this message. Paradox may arise. However some releasing of concepts, beliefs and constructs is communicated. 

The rest is vibrational. Everything is vibrational. 

Remember, you are pure life with awareness, not as a separate sub-consciously defined self named “your name here”.. 

Let’s take a moment to focus on the breath. 

So Hum 

I am 

I am that 

I am that… I am that I.. I am that I am… I am that I am that I am 

there’s no other. 

It’s a mirror into infinity. that is us. Children of the infinite. 

Release this separation by the mind, that was ironically created for later sense of connection. See that it’s another paradox or fallacy of the so called ego. 

Remember the subconsciously defined, and self-created sense of a self, needs to be created, and defended...constantly. created, and defended… created, and defended…. That takes a lot of energy, and produces a lot of thoughts… 

notice when this impulse to create and defend arises… each time you notice, you create more space. 

Remember, the so-called ego is not a separate entity either, it’s just a word that represents a misuse of the mind. 

This again demonstrates the fundamental flaw of language in communicating these understandings. 

release concepts and what arises is LOVE, Let go of preconceptions and what arises is LOVE. Let go of self, and what arises is LOVE. 

This is letting go is not weakness, or giving up, it is strength and courage to say goodbye to an ILLUSION. 

In truth there is no spirituality, or religion, no mysticism, no isms at all…. there is only truth and untruth. reality, or unreality. 

the miracle is happening right now. 

Put your hand over your heart, feel this rhythm that beats... it beats within each one of us here. Are you beating it? No, it’s being done. You are not doing it…it is being done. This rhythm connects us all. It’s origin and source remains a mystery… 

the mystery is the actual answer. 

the “i don’t know” is the answer. Allow “I don’t know” to arise. Allow “I don’t know” to free the sense of self, from the false knowing and stories that, that self requires. 

Saying and accepting “I don’t know” is the destroyer of internal stories, and beliefs. 

The ruminating internal storyteller seeks to fill in the gaps of not knowing with knowing what cannot be known. It does this with all manners of stories and beliefs. This ruminating storyteller creates meanings, and relationships in relation to the created sense of self. 

This doesn’t mean to not seek knowledge, it means don’t fill in the gaps with false knowledge 

Drop it the false knowledge. 

Drop the created sense of self. which is habitually and subconsciously created over and over in the present moment. Drop the created sense of self. 

This dropping IS the letting go. 

Do you have trouble letting go of a movie or tv show that isn’t real? Of course just drop it. 

In this moment now, choose gratitude for this moment… 

In this moment now be Love by being no one. 

In this moment —  now —  be  —— nothing. 





Perceive as nothing. Perceive as no one. Drop the imagination of being a some one. Everybody else has imagined another someone in your place anyway. None of that is you… None of it is real. 

Allow the mind to drop the persistent creation of illusion. You are probably  starting to notice it, and catch it already. The seed is being watered.  It will grow in the space created with meditation. 

The illusion will be seen and caught more and more and more, and as it is there will be more space. Now what you seek, will be less of unreality. Simply notice the unreal that is created by the mind, and subtract it. 

If what is the seeker is seeking is the silent mind, drop meaning, drop filling in the gaps of not knowing... drop knowing what is unknowable. 

Remember, The mind substitutes false knowledge in the place of not knowing. 

simply drop it. by being here, now. 

this... here…  this now… is home, there was never any where else to arrive, there was never anyone else to become. 

You are whole, and complete… as you always are… and as you always were. 

this communication is a reminder for the created self-concept to return to reality of being nothing… nothing but pure awareness. 

Remember, the created self only exists with the fuel of suffering and self righteousness 

Now, be free… you already are

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