Sounds for meditation and yoga

Just Be

Consciously created sounds and frequencies are the perfect accompaniment to meditation, yoga and other mind body practices. 

Sound and frequncy have been used for thousands of years in spiritual practice for deeper states of meditation and connection.

Sound waves can help to alter the brainwaves and activate the parasympathetic nervous system, for relaxation and meditation.

Sonic Sampler

Sonic Yogi

These sounds are designed for deep relaxation. Singing bowls and Flutes have been used since ancient times in for use in relaxation, meditation and healing work. Each track is 9-15 minutes long and are shortened versions from previous releases.

The bowls produce monaural beats and harmonic overtones that may help to induce deep states of relaxation. Do not listen while driving or any time your full attention is required.

I hope you'll enjoy this sampling of free tracks! Peace.

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