Tuning in to the I AM (with Insight Timer teacher Susitha Reddy, and sounds by Sonic Yogi)

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online via Zoom - Eastern Standard Time

A sound and guided meditation workshop with Sonic Yogi and Susitha Reddy.


10am to 11:30am EST

We would like to invite you to a soulful session of music and meditation. The session will begin with live music, which will take you into the meditative alpha state of the brain where you are receptive and open .

In the Alpha state you will be guided into a meditation which leads to the recognition of your I AM Self . The I AM self is your Higher Self, your Spiritual self and the Self of you that knows no limits, which is the source of unconditional love. The recognition of your Higher Self, is experienced as peace and oneness with the music and all of life.

a note from SY:

"Susitha Reddy, from Bangalore India is a wonderful teacher and I have enjoyed attending her sessions on Insight Timer. She teaches in a style that echoes the words of Yeshua, and is also similar to Eckhart Tolle, Mooji and Sri Ramana Maharshi. Pointing the meditator towards the realization of the Divine here in the Present Moment and the space of the I AM."

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