Energy Healing For Mental Health

This guest post is by therapist and energy medicine practitioner, Diane Chrestman. Diane and I met a little over a year ago, and I have enjoyed sharing sound therapy with a group class that Diane leads for her patients. If you are in Georgia, and are in need of counseling services, give Diane a call! (Update: 2019 Diane recently released her new book "Zenergy Mindfulness: The Intersection of Buddhist and Energy Psychology For Mental Health And Wellness". See the book here on Amazon.
Holistic Healing For Mental Health
Holistic and natural remedies for mental health disorders have become increasingly popular, and continue to be in demand by consumers. Currently the “go-to” treatment for many people is medication, an approach that chemically alters the body/brain.  Often many people who take psycho-tropic medication cannot tolerate the side effects. The side-effects (which should be accurately referred to as simply effects)  range from mild to life-threatening. It should come as no surprise that many people are seeking alternative and holistic treatments when suffering from mental health problems or conditions.
Energy Healing For Mental Health
A holistic healing option for mental health problems is energy healing. Mental, cognitive, emotional and behavioral functions have an energetic component. Therefore, altering the energy that keeps these conditions in place alters the condition itself. For example, a person with depression typically does not have positive thinking patterns and the  energy linked to positive thoughts is weak. A good therapeutic treatment would be to increase the energy around positive thoughts. A viable therapeutic goal used in traditional psychotherapy might attempt to increase feelings of hopefulness by replacing negative self talk with positive self talk. A positive thought such as “At least one good thing will probably happen to me today” would be appropriate. Energy healing uses the techniques of positive self-talk, but  deepens the effectiveness of the cognitive restructuring by including  tapping as the positive statements are verbalized. Tapping involves stimulating acupuncture points on the body that correspond with the subtle energy system known as meridians. So while naming, claiming and identifying the reasons one has to be hopeful, the subtle energy system of the body would be accessed simultaneously.  The intensity of the belief which you are trying to instill  ie “At least one good thing will happen to me today” is greatly increased. We believe the positive belief that we are trying to instill with a greater intensity when the subtle energy of the bodies are aligned with the belief. While the client attunes to the positive thought, the energetic marker of the positive belief, which is expressed in the electromagnetic field, or photo-electric impulse of the brain, is altered.

Why Energy Healing Is Important

Mental Health problems such as Depression, Anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Bi-Polar and Autism have reached unprecedented numbers. According to Robert Whitaker, the author of the Anatomy of An Epidemic, in 1955 major depression and Bi-Polar only accounted for 50,937 patients in mental hospitals. In 1990 an estimated 1.4 million people suffer from depression and bi-polar with such severity, they are deemed disabled, unfit to work and subsequently receive Social Security Disability benefits.  It seems that mental health disorders are a modern day epidemic. People who suffer obviously search for help, solutions and effective treatment. Because of the epidemic of mental health conditions, and the side effects of medication, it is important for individuals to have options, and be able to make an informed decision about possible treatments. 

Be in Peace - Diane

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