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  1. In the Forest

About: This track came about as a result of my own personal bouts with anxiety, self-loathing and depression. In retrospect, I see this as a blessing and through this experience, I came to not only know and understand myself better, but I also became aware of the therapeutic value of music. Specifically, I became aware of how music frequencies can have a therapeutic and healing impact on the different brains states that we experience. This particular track focuses on the third eye chakra, or pineal gland, which (for me) seems to contribute to not only a feeling of being relaxed, but also connected to inner awareness and peace. My hope is that this music will be not only relaxing but nourishing to your soul.

This is a rough mix that I completed on my laptop speakers for my niece. I am normally a perfectionist (but I am working to get over that..hahaha :). I want share this track with family and friends and I will also hope to add additional mixes, of not only this track but also other tracks that also focus on other frequencies, and that include more musical development. I see these as "soundscapes" or audio journeys rather than music in the traditional sense.

Please feel free to download, share and enjoy any way you wish.

963 hz - in the forest - a work in progress.

In Love, -Jon