This is a recording of a set of singing bowls. The root bowl is C#, the Aum tone or Earth tone. The other bowls are harmonized with the Chakras in this scale.

These types of singing bowls have been used since ancient times in meditations and healing work. They are traditionally made with 7 metals representing the 7 planets that the tibetan monks were aware of at the time. The bowls produce monaural beats and harmonic overtones that affect body and mind on a deep level. The bowl set here is based on the Earth tone. This is also known as "Om" and is the calculated sound signature of the Earth as it travels around the sun. In Indian music this is also called the Sadja. The corresponding bowls were matched according to the Chakra system in Ayurvedic medicine. This also corresponds roughly with the western major scale.

Thank you for for listening. Please share if you are enjoying the sounds.