Chantlanta - Sonic Yogi and Octavia Nasr workshop

Selah Center - Church at Highland and Ponce, 1085 Ponce De Leon Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30306

This workshop is facilitated by Octavia Nasr and Sonic Yogi. It includes a live music sound bath, Vedic chanting, yin yoga, and yoga nidra.

You will explore the connections of Sound and Yoga, through Yin Yoga and Live Music, including Tibetan bowls, flute, guitar and Vedic chanting. Journey to the center of your being through Yoga Nidra and a Sonic Savasana. Reset your rhythm. Free your mind. Journey to your own bliss.

Vedic chanting has calming qualities with blissful effects on the body, senses and mind. Whether you choose to fully engage by chanting with the group or to bathe your senses by just listening to the vibrations of this ancient practice, you will undoubtedly get many benefits.

Yin yoga is a style of yoga practiced mainly with seated or lying down poses held for a length of time with muscles relaxed, thus creating a unique relaxing effect on the physical, energetic and subtle layers of the body. In Yin, you consciously apply gentle but consistent tension on the body's energetic channels, known as Meridians in Chinese Medicine, inducing a fresh flow of blood into the connective tissues. The release can be felt in the joints, glands, fascia, muscles, nervous system and the entire body and mind. Yin practice is a natural prelude and preparation for any form of meditation.

Yoga Nidra is a state of mind, not only a practice. It is described as yogic sleep or conscious sleep. It is a form of guided meditation practiced lying down. This makes it accessible to beginners as well as experienced practitioners.

Open to all levels, ages 12+. Please wear comfortable, loose, warm clothes and socks. Please bring a yoga mat or blanket to lay on (or both). Optional: eye pillow or scarf to cover your eyes during savasana.


ChantLanta Sacred Music Festival is a community-driven event that raises money for charity. Learn how you can support and participate at RSVP at ChantLanta 2019 - The 10th Year!

This year, our partner is Camp Cadi, a camp for young girls traumatized by sexual abuse. Camp Cadi creates a space for girls to be in company with their peers, discover the power of community, explore expressive arts, enjoy typical camp experiences, and participate in a mentor program that creates a foundation for trusting relationships with adults. More info at

Please note there will be professional videography at this event. Your attendance means you might be recorded at times. Videography during workshops will be very minimal. Our intention is to get footage of all of the facilitators, which might include some wide shots of who is in the room. Beyond that, we do not want to disrupt the space. We are excited to share more about this unique event and amazing community!