The ONE who looks

Meditation is one way of cultivating our sometimes forgotten ability as humans to look inwards to remember who we really are.  

The irony of looking outside of yourself for pleasure, satisfaction. etc.. is that the one who looks is what…


Make Feeling Good the Goal

1. You may have things in your life that you want to change, or see happen.. however, instead of becoming stressed about these things make feeling good (internally/mentally) the goal... for now.  

2. It's always now. 

Examine your thoughts in…


Random thoughts on religion and spirituality

There is no such thing as spirituality, mysticism or religion... there is only reality or un-reality, clarity or confusion... understanding or misunderstanding.  While we sometimes employ these words to describe what is unseen and not readily perceived, the fact that…


The Teachings are not the Energy

The ENERGY is how it's working...  

...SCIENCE attempts to explain how it works. 

...and the TEACHINGS are how to work it!! 

I don't see the "energy" as a philosophy or a dogma or religion. Rather, I see it as both…


Awakening the Subconscious

So how does a person open the subconscious? Does this require some deep study, or esoteric ritual? 

I don't think so. In fact, it's something we do every night. 

My working theory is that opening the subconscious is something we…


Energy Healing For Mental Health

This guest post is by therapist and energy medicine practitioner, Diane Chrestman. Diane and I met a little over a year ago, and I have enjoyed sharing sound therapy with a group class that Diane leads for her patients. If…

Meditation ... am I doing this right? (Part 2: How To...)


There are a lot of how to guide's to meditation out there, but I'd like to share some of my personal experiences here.  Unlike, teaching an instrument (for example), where you can demonstrate things physically, the hardest thing about "teaching"…


You are the Producer and Experiencer of Stress

Physiologically speaking, stress is generated within each of us.  

So that means that, physiologically (within our body), we are both the producer and the experiencer of stress. 

So that means, then, that my thoughts have the ability to produce a…


Who is the enemy?

Consider that the real battle is not against competing ideas and identities, that we can dream up in the form of religions, race, sexuality, political ideas, economic class, favorite fashions or whatever other type of divisions our minds can manufacture…

Awakening from Delusions

Note to Self: Your greatest liability is the belief that you know the truth. Question your perceptions.

To believe without understanding is self deception. 
To understand without belief is clarity (and freedom). 

The mind naturally tends to fill in the…


Understanding the Shadow Pt. 2

The shadow is the part of ourselves we hide from the world.  For most, the preferred view of ourselves that we'd like to be seen (by others) is out in the open (in the light), however the parts that we…